Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The UNCU Crew

I was scrolling through myspace and thought you might like to see this.

It's the profile for our Graffiti group, The UNCU, Which is a small group of graffiti artists in Carmarthen.
The UNCU consists of 'Starscream', 'Skaface', 'Stove', 'Weetie' and 'line Damage'. The aim is not to deface or vandalize property, unlike the general interest of chav's in the area, who tend to write something in car paint in a dirty scrawl! The intention is to make something that was once depressing and un-intresting into something a bit more colourful and alive!

I am a part of this group, but have not been graffin' for a while because of a running with the police, resulting in me being arrested then de-arrested(No idea why but..lucky for me!). They did however, take two full sketch pads of drawings and about £60's worth of spray paint off me, which I didn't get given back. My graffiti name is 'Weetie', and you can see two of my Pieces in the pictures bellow.

To see the profile of The UNCU Crew, and too see more pictures click


Monday, 1 June 2009

Jim Phillips

Here are two really good illustration from a guy named Jim Phillips.

Jim has been designing graphics and illustration for over twenty years now, some of the things he has designed for include skateboard art, surfing art and rock posters. I think the screaming hand is one of his best pieces out of what I have seen. To check out more of Jim's work click here.