Friday, 16 July 2010

My Amazing Girlfriend...!

This post is to say well done to my beautiful and amazing girlfriend Miss Ellen Rosemary Findley for Graduating with a First Class Honours in Event's Management and getting the prize for Best Dissertation on her course..! Well done baby I'm more than proud of you...!

Let's hope i can do half as good as she has done..!


Beautiful Brecon Part Two!

Here are the other pictures I mentioned from the even bigger and better waterfall. Seriously if you or a friend of your has a car and live within an hour or two of the Brecon Beacons it's a must visit...! Not just for waterfall jumping thrills, it has some really nice walks and some beautiful areas you can just sit down, have a BBQ, a few beers and admire the wonderfull scenery!


First Attempts At 'TiltShift' Photography

Here are some images I have taken in the past and have recently used Photoshop to turn them into TiltShift images, I would love to have actually used a TiltShift lens and not Photoshop, but being a student there is no way I could afford that kind of lens at the moment! They aren't great but its my first attempt at it so I do hope to improve! I hope you like them.


Beautiful Brecon!

Before the amazing few weeks of brilliant weather took a turn for the worst me and a few friends took full advantage and made several trips up to the Brecon Beacons, basically we went to a waterfall near by but it didn't satisfy our need to see some waterfalls of outstanding natural beauty, so we asked a few friends and searched on the internet for a few more, luckily we stumbled upon these 'badboy' waterfalls bellow and had great fun jumping off a few of them!

There is still a few more pictures to come of the bigger waterfall....I hope you enjoyed!