Monday, 12 March 2012

Updated photostream

Christmas light, Cardiff, WalesDecay, Heath, Cardiff, WalesRooftop, Heath, Cardiff, WalesCables, Heath, Cardiff, WalesCables tilted, Heath, Cardiff, WalesBack alley sun glare, Heath, Cardiff, Wales
Back alley2, Heath, Cardiff, WalesTree / window glare, Heath, Cardiff, WalesTree, Heath, Cardiff, WalesMeggie in the field, Bronwydd Arms, WalesMy home and a rainbow, Bronwydd Arms, WalesRainbow, Bronwydd Arms, Wales
Rainbow2, Bronwydd Arms, WalesPrivate property, Bronwydd Arms, WalesMoon, Bronwydd Arms, WalesNext doors land, Bronwydd Arms, WalesMini ramp 2, Dryslwyn, WalesRoad to Dryslwyn castle, Dryslwyn, Wales
Dryslwyn valley, Dryslwyn, WalesMast, Wales, WalesPort Talbot, Wales, WalesPort Talbot 2, Wales, WalesRose, Bronwydd Arms, Wales, WalesLooking out to sea b+w from Pembrey / Burry Port, Wales, Uk

Some more film panoramics, check 'em

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

School boy error!

So I've been using a cracked version of Adobe's cs5 master collection for about three years and not got caught out until now. My little snitch demo expired and let Adobe phone home..... which is a major blow right now! Being as the stupid American government and media have started to fuck up the internet I cannot find a single website with the crack codes I need to make my software work again because all those site now only let people upload and not download! So now I'm going to fork out about £450 for the latest student edition. Gutted, but at least this will never happen again! Learn from your mistakes...


Monday, 23 January 2012

Things are guna get easier

I know I've posted a lot of song s recently, but I've been listening to a lot more music and feel the need to share some of these song with people. Here's another classic that needs to be passed on.

I hope you enjoyed The Five Stairsteps!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I was looking about on stumble upon and came across this gem. It's amazing and I bet it gives you an insane adrenaline rush...!

I hope you enjoyed the video!


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Amazing Viral..!

Walk off the Earth perform a cover of Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know" using five people on one guitar. This is soooo good!

I hope you like it!


Dreams can come true

The Souls Of Mischief have been booked to play in a club in Cardiff sometime in March, I am so unbelievably hyped on this! I have listened to them for so many years and accepted the that they probably wouldn't ever play anywhere near where I live, but to hear they will be in Cardiff was like a dream come true for me! Roll on March....! Open you ears and enjoy

I hope you dig the song as much as I do!


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Some funny stuff right here!

This is hilarious ...!

I hope you liked the piss take video!


Time flies....

Here is a Pembrokeshire skateboarding scene video that was made by a friend of mine Owen Howells about five years ago. It features myself, Sam Mathias, Owen Howells, Chris Morris, Jack Thomas Moore, Davy Evans, Mike Harris, Sam Thompson and a whole lot more. Owen just posted this up on youtube and facebook and it made me realise how quickly time flies, I feel like it was only a few months ago when we where all filming for this, taking weekend trips to bath and bristol, but in reality it was four and a half years ago almost five! Anyway that's enough rambling from me... check the video out!

I hope you enjoyed the skating!


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My site is now live!

It's take me a while to get round to purchasing a domain name and actually publishing my site live, but at last I have actually done it! Visit

I hope you like my website!


Sunday, 1 January 2012

I want one of these!

This clock is amazing and if I can find one online it's mine!


Time for change

I just saw this on my friend Nicky Lew's tumblr and had to repost it! It's going to be the most productive year for me yet....2012 YOUR MINE!

I hope you have a productive year too!


Happy new year, It's 2012...!

Just a post to wish everyone a very happy new year and may it bring the best of things for all of us! I had a very chilled one last night in my mates house with some good friends, it was pleasant and a wicked way to bring in the new year. We welcomed in the new year with this awesome Will Smith song.....

I don't really dig Will Smith but I must admit it couldn't have thought of a better song to listen to as the clock strikes 12!

I hope you all enjoyed the song and had a trill new years!


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Everybody's gotta live

Here is another really good song I've listened to a lot recently. I first heard it of the Shake Junt video, which is awesome by the way and well worth a watch if you dig skating.

I hope you like the song!


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Even more music

Here's another song I've been rinsing lately, Its by Connan Mockasin and the song is called 'It's Choade My Dear'. My friend used it on an edit a few weeks ago and I've had it stuck in my head ever since. You can check his edit out by clicking here.

I hope you like the song as much as I do.


I am alaweetie's photostream

Dark Trees, Brechfa Forest, WalesZoomed in star trail, Brechfa Forest, WalesBlurry Orian"s belt, Brechfa Forest, WalesMy first attempt at shooting a start trail, works quite well, Brechfa Forest, WalesFocused Orion's belt, Brechfa Forest, WalesAscending tree's under Orian;s belt, Brechfa Forest, Wales
Starts between trees, Brechfa Forest, WalesAscending trees under Orion's belt 2, Brechfa Forest, WalesLooking down the track, Brechfa Forest, WalesStars between trees 2, Brechfa Forest, WalesLooking down the track with car headlights, Brechfa Forest, WalesNorth star, Brechfa Forest, Wales
Portrait Oiron's belt, Brechfa Forest, WalesOver the tree tops, Brechfa Forest, WalesLandscape Orion's belt, Brechfa Forest, WalesLandscape Orion's belt 2, Brechfa Forest, WalesLandscape Orion's belt 3, Brechfa Forest, WalesTelephone pole, Bronwydd, Wales
Telephone pole 2, Bronwydd, WalesNext door, Bronwydd, WalesNext door 2, Bronwydd, WalesNext door and scaffolding, Bronwydd, WalesHouse silhouette Stars, Bronwydd, Wales

Took a trip up to Breachfa last night with my mate Steven Clarey to shoot some night time photos, check out the new uploads!

I hope you like them!