Friday, 16 October 2009

A Little Bit Of Carmarthen Skate History

I logged onto my Youtube account to have a quick look around see if there was anything decent to watch and struck gold! Bellow is a video filmed and edited by Mike "Tidy" Pearson, who used to live in Ferryside which is near Carmathen, he started filming with skaters and has now become quite well known for it. Mike now works for howies in Cardigan. I have skated in Carmarthen for about eight and a half years an have skated with Bryan for at least seven. I've only ever see him skating in Carmarthen over the recent years where it's not really possible to skate too many spots anymore, but watching some old school Carmarthen skate footage was a treat..!

I hope you enjoyed the video.


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Cardiff Bay Barrage Illusion

I have known about Felice Varini's illusion art work in Cardiff bay for a few years but thought I would share it on here with you because I think it's brilliant, large scale art illusion at it's best. You have to find the exact spot in this Bay barrage to see the illusion perfectly, like in the first photo below. The other two photos show you how this "art installation" looks, when viewed from other places. For more of Felice Varini's work click her name or click here.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


BCN 09

It's been another long time since I last blogged so I thought I'd better start catching up with what's been going on recently.

Me and six friends of mine took a week long holiday in Barcelona over the summer holidays from the 5th until the 12th of august, our soul reason out there was to skate, enjoy the beautiful weather and to have fun....which I'm sure we all did. I have already been to Barcelona two times previously to this trip but think it will have to continue with at least a once a year visit! The sights are beautiful and the architecture is unreal for an example click here to see. If you have never been you really should go, and if you're a skater you have to go! Bellow are some pictures to feast your eyes on.

Duane Wilson: Frontside Flip.
The street party atmosphere every night at Macba.
The view looking down Les Courts.
Everyone chilling after a long session.

We also managed to borrow a friends vx1000 video camera to capture what went on but due to a friend of mine Nick Richards being unorganized and lazy I still haven't had the footage to edit or even capture onto my mac ready for editing even though the holiday was over two months ago..! So as soon as that's finished it I'll post it on here but until then you can watch last years video bellow.

That's all for now!