Sunday, 29 May 2011

Business Card

Here's a business card I designed for a friend of mine today, He'll be graduating from a BA Hons in Fine Art in a couple of weeks and his works looking really good. You can his work out by clicking here.

I'm going to try and create a letter form so that the 'g' in Nugent and the ampersand inbetween printmaking '&' design tie in together as one letter form. I'll post that when it's done

I hope you liked the business card.


Thursday, 26 May 2011


Here is something I did for fun in a few minutes the other night, I think I'm going to do it to a whole album of photos but do them from decent originals this one was downloaded off facebook because I ha lost the original so the picture is quite pixely anyway.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

T H E D I R T Y S O U T H's photostream

Newquay harbour, WalesRose walking, Newquay, WalesNewquay harbour 2, Newquay, WalesSea, Newquay, WalesSea 2, Newquay, WalesNewquay, Wales
Newquay 2, WalesMarijuana 2010, Cardiff, Wales Kane, Carmarthen, WalesQurious Meggie, Brownydd ArmsYawn, Brownydd ArmsCat stretch, Brownydd Arms
Cat stretch 2, Brownydd ArmsChance R.I.P, Bronwydd ArmsSpwan back 180, Cardiff, WalesSpawn blurry ollie, Cardiff, WalesRambo R.I.P, Bronwydd ArmsTrain to nowhere 2, Bronwydd Arms
Sleepers, Brownydd ArmsWest Wales School of the Arts Foundation Class of 07'Macba ollie, Barcelona, SpainUh oh..! Barcelona, SpainStove Nollie flip, Carmarthen, WalesStove flip fakie, Carmarthen, Wales

Check out my flickr account I've uploaded some new photos today, but I've reached my monthly limit so I'll have to wait until next month to add more :(


Some music for your ears

Here are some songs I've been listening to a lot recently , I had heard them all a while back now but have been enjoying them a lot more these days so I thought I'd sahre with you some good music. All three songs are completly different from each other but all share that shivery feeling you get when your listening to a song that means something to you or reminds you of a certain memory etc.

I hope you enjoeys the music.


Daniel Underwood

Here's some bits of work done by a good friend of mine, who is also an amazing illustrator. The first is a poster for Cardiff Arts institute, the second image is what he re-drew for the same Cardiff Arts poster but without the type on it, and the third is a drawing from his sketch book.

To see more of Daniels work click here.

I hope you liked his work!


Marijuana March

I went to go skating with my mate yesterday to take some pictures but it rained too much so we didn't get to skate, on the way home we saw that there was a marijuana march taking places so we followed them about to get some pictures of that instead of skating ones so heres a few snaps from yesterdays march.

I hope you liked the pictures.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Honest Logos

Here is something are a few logos I stumbled upon earlier, They are some ones alterations of famous logos. The logos have the same deisgns but with more honest typography.

If you want to see more click here.



I've recently started to use my flickr account again, One annoying thing is that your photostream shows the photos in the order you uploaded them and you aren't able to re arrange the at all. Never the less I'm glad to be keeping on top on my photography again. If you want to check out my Flickr account click here..

I hope you like my photo's!


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Great song, great cover, It's a shame Bono wrote it because i really dislike him, and I think this Johnny Cash cover is the best version.

I hope you like the cover too!


Book Covers

Here are two book covers I did as part of a competitions brief. James and the giant peach and One hundred years of solitude. They were a bit rushed so I'm not completely happy with them, I might even re-edit them and put them on here.

I hope you liked the covers,