Monday, 12 March 2012

Updated photostream

Christmas light, Cardiff, WalesDecay, Heath, Cardiff, WalesRooftop, Heath, Cardiff, WalesCables, Heath, Cardiff, WalesCables tilted, Heath, Cardiff, WalesBack alley sun glare, Heath, Cardiff, Wales
Back alley2, Heath, Cardiff, WalesTree / window glare, Heath, Cardiff, WalesTree, Heath, Cardiff, WalesMeggie in the field, Bronwydd Arms, WalesMy home and a rainbow, Bronwydd Arms, WalesRainbow, Bronwydd Arms, Wales
Rainbow2, Bronwydd Arms, WalesPrivate property, Bronwydd Arms, WalesMoon, Bronwydd Arms, WalesNext doors land, Bronwydd Arms, WalesMini ramp 2, Dryslwyn, WalesRoad to Dryslwyn castle, Dryslwyn, Wales
Dryslwyn valley, Dryslwyn, WalesMast, Wales, WalesPort Talbot, Wales, WalesPort Talbot 2, Wales, WalesRose, Bronwydd Arms, Wales, WalesLooking out to sea b+w from Pembrey / Burry Port, Wales, Uk

Some more film panoramics, check 'em