Thursday, 21 July 2011

Forgot about this track...!

Here is one of many amazing Gangstarr songs. The lyrics are spot on and it's just a dope tune all round.

I hope you liked the song!

R.I.P Guru 1961-2010


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Jack Carter doing what he does best

Contrary to my last post, I don't hate HD footage with nice effects I actually like it, it's just being used a lot recently, anyway check out this video which was filmed and edited by Nick Richards featuring Jack Carter and his skateboarding skills.

Getting to grips with the Glidecam from LovePaste on Vimeo.

I think its the best park edit since the skatepark has been open and it only features one skater! Good work Nick and Jack, keep it up! To see more of Nick's work click here, and to see more of Jacks skateboarding antics click here.

I hope you like the video and skateboarding!


Glue Bag park edit

Here is a video edited by Kane Nugent, starring of a load of our friends, we spent a month or so filming in the skatepark to make a skate park edit that takes the piss out of all the skate edits there have been recently and about how everyone is using HD and special effects these days, so there is no slow-motion, it's poorly filmed and edited but that's exactly what we wanted it to look like. We also got my housemate James Southall to dress up and create a posh character (Stewart Howard) who just happens to love The XX, Hd filming and special effects, all of this was to help us take the piss out of the existing edits of various skate videos there have been over the past few years. So without further ado here it is....

Glue Bag Cardiff Plaza edit. Poorly Filmed, Poorly Edited, No slow mo's from Kane Nugent on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed our park edit!


Help a brother out..!

A friend of mine, Huw Caddy (pictured above) has entered the E4 E-stings competition with four videos, each of them are ten seconds long and are looking really good. Right now his four videos are the top four out of about 4000 and something which is amazing, do him a massive favour and click 'yay' on his videos and he could be the guy who designed the next E4 E-stings scitts you guys see when watchng E4, you can click 'yay' and watch all his videos by clicking here.

If you want to see how his videos are doing you can click here, you might need to refresh the page as ive copy and pasted the link so it maybe be out of date by the time you click it.

I hope you liked his videos!


Father and daughter cover of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

I posted this same song by the original band a while ago, but this cover is something else and something you need to listen to. Before you listen to it and judge it remember that the little girl Alexia is only six years old!

It's inspirational, wonderful, very talented and just simply amazing.

I hope when I have a family of my own we can play covers like this together that would be so cool to do, I just need to lean the guitar first and have children first..!

I hope you liked the song cover!